This summer our employees were invited to participate in the Well AnaVators health and wellness challenge. For 8 weeks AnaVators logged healthy habits in our customized app to earn points. Drinking water, reading, and biking were just a few of the many tasks recorded. Everyone shared fun pictures and stories of how they were keeping healthy this summer: long walks on the coast of Ireland’s cliffs, paddle boarding with pups, and grilling for the 4th of July were some of our favorites. Of course, the fun of good competition is reward enough, but a good challenge always has great prizes. Everyone that participated in the challenge received a new AnaVation water bottle and our first, second, and third place point earners received a Garmin, Therabody, and sports-store gift card respectively.

The challenge was designed by one of our AnaVators, Abby, as part of our Leadership Development Program. She wanted to create an engaging program designed to encourage wellness as we continue to learn to live in a post-pandemic environment. Abby earned a large amount of her points this summer by training for her IronMan event which she completed this July in Ohio. AnaVation was proud to sponsor Abby for the event!

The Well AnaVators Challenge has inspired a number of upcoming challenges that we look forward to rolling out in the coming months, so stay tuned!