Military Veterans

Transitioning From Military Life to a Career at AnaVation.

AnaVation believes that military service members possess a unique set of skills such as leadership, problem-solving, adaptability, teamwork, and technical skills that are highly valued in our industry. With the increasing number of veterans transitioning out of the military and the growing demand for skilled workers in the technology industry, we believe we can be that place for veterans. 

We are current partners of the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program. As a V3-Certified company, we work with the Department of Veterans Services and other strategic partners to support the best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining veteran employees. AnaVation strives to improve veteran recruitment efforts by providing an inclusive environment for new veteran hires. To embrace our proud community of veteran employees, we want to support and encourage each other through shared knowledge and experiences. 

Veteran Resources and Programs

Veteran Resource Group (VRG)

An affinity group for veterans and those interested in supporting veterans to provide opportunities such as career development, mentoring, networking, community outreach, and cultural awareness activities. 

Mentorship Program

1-1 mentoring, pairs newly hired veterans with experienced veteran practitioners to help accelerate their transition.

Vet Transitioning Program

We match transitioning veterans with a current employee who has experience with AnaVation being their first career out of the military.

How Will My Military Skills and Experiences Apply at AnaVation?

AnaVation recognizes the value that veterans bring to the workforce. Our commitment to hiring veterans goes beyond recruitment – it’s about embracing the unique qualities they possess and the experiences they’ve gained.

Veterans emerge from their military service with a diverse blend of skills and attributes that can seamlessly transition into a career at AnaVation. According to, there are several military veteran traits that we believe fit with our company:

      • Teamwork that Thrives: Veterans excel in this environment. AnaVation forges a collaborative culture that allows AnaVators to work together in an inclusive and diverse team of talents in achieving a shared goal.
      • Problem-Solving Prowess: The ability to navigate complexities and solve problems creatively is a shared trait between AnaVation and veterans. Adaptive solutions align with our dynamic work environment.
      • Duty-Driven Dedication: At AnaVation, we believe in character. Veterans bring an unmatched dedication to their roles, consistently exceeding expectations.
      • Versatile Skill Set: At AnaVation, we believe in innovation. Whether it’s technical proficiency, cross-functional collaboration, or innovative troubleshooting, veterans bring a well-rounded skill set that enriches the team and its capabilities.
      • Adaptability at its Best: Change is a constant in today’s business and technology. Veterans are adept at swiftly adapting to new situations. This quality ensures our team remains agile and responsive.
      • Organizational Discipline: At AnaVation, we believe in service excellence. Precision and organization are the cornerstones of our operations. Veterans’ commitment to structure and discipline ensures an efficient and effective execution.
      • Unwavering Work Ethic: At AnaVation, we believe in meaningful work. Veterans are driven to succeed and consistently work to the best of their ability to help serve a better purpose.


Hear From Our Veteran AnaVators

I was initially attracted to AnaVation though my research, which highlighted its reputation for being one of the top places to work by the Washington Post.  What truly set AnaVation apart, is the company’s Mission, Vision and Core Values which directly align with the Army values. AnaVation’s veteran friendly initiatives, opportunities for growth, and organizational values were a few of the things that made joining the AnaVation team an easy decision for me after 20 years of military service.  AnaVation’s organizational culture and processes played a pivotal role in easing my transition from military life. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to work with such a thoughtful and inclusive company.

Keith Breland

Project Manager

I was attracted to AnaVation due to their overall mission, especially support to our Defense partners, and its strong reputation as a well rounded company that takes care of it’s employees.  My skills and experience with the military set me up for my role of managing people, understanding the broad military mission and capabilities, and being adaptable to different types of situations. Now I am no longer active duty, but serve in the Marine Corps Reserves, working at AnaVation has allowed me to balance my full time job while continuing to serve my country.  This company is extremely supportive of this continued service through it’s policies and overall team mentality, as well providing resources for said service. AnaVation emphasizes work-life balance and taking care of its employees and their families and this is further shone through the support it provides for veterans and service members.

Corey Egler

Project Manager

After retiring from the Army after 29 years of service, I knew that it was critically important for me to be a part of an organization that felt like family, was committed to the well-being of each of its employees; that focused on the security of this nation and preserving its way of life, and valued the culture that I had spent the better part of my adult life immersed in – AnaVation is that company. I knew that from my very first Google search of AnaVation and the first words that appear are “AnaVators… our most important asset and their outstanding character is paramount.” I knew this from my very first conversations with the leadership of the company and I still know this to be true today. AnaVation is an excellent company for Service members transitioning from the military who are used to a way of life that promotes excellence, incentivizes learning, and endorses selfless commitment and dedication to a team – AnaVation is a great destination on my professional AND personal journey.

Terance Huston

Program Manager

Life At AnaVation Is…

Engaging. Inspiring. Dynamic.

There’s no exact formula, persona, or profile that makes an AnaVator. Our diverse backgrounds, talents, and passions – in and out of the office – create the core of AnaVation’s culture.