Internship Hackathon 2023

AnaVation is pleased to announce the Summer 2023 class of interns that joined us and actively participated in our Annual Intern Hackathon! This year’s theme: “Hacking for Convenience.”  

With just under a week to complete their project, each team composed of 4-5 members showcased their technical skills and addressed trivial challenges. The goal was to create a technical solution that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to solve an inconsequential problem. Innovation thrives when problems are tacked with creativity. Let’s explore the solutions each team designed: 

Team Child: GroupLink – Connecting Likeminded Individuals  

Team Child aimed to overcome the hurdle of meeting new people in a community such as school campus, or new cities. GroupLink is a website that uses AI to anonymously group individuals with similar interests in a specific area. The platform generates three dynamic options for meet-up locations and suggest activities together. By voting on the event, the group fosters potential friendships.  

Team Flay: CalendAI – Simplifying Calendar Management  

Team Flay recognizes the inconvenience of managing events spread across multiple calendar channels. CalendAI utilized Google App Script (GAS) to create a Google Calendar add-on that integrates an AI assistant to streamline calendar analysis and provide a user-friendly chat interface. Each member focused on integrating ChatGPT API, retrieving calendar events, and designing the add-on’s UI.  

Team Ramsey: MailFocus — Organized Email Management  

Team Ramsey understands that maintaining an organized and uncluttered email inbox may become difficult, especially when you’re receiving multiple emails a day. MailFocus is an AI generated model that delivers streamlined email content summaries and rank emails based on priority to help declutter inboxes and detect spam. Users can focus on critical messages without getting overwhelmed by unnecessary information.  


Each team brought their unique ideas and talents to the table. The judges certainly had a tough choice and recognized the most creative solution among the impressive projects presented with a $250 gift award.  

Congratulations to the winning team, Team Child! They impressed the judges by tackling the full scope of a unique problem set and delivering a polished demo. We would like to acknowledge Team Ramsey for courageously taking on a big problem space and provided a well-thought technical solution. Another kudos to Team Flay for demonstrating architectural diagrams and forward-looking by analyzing the future potential of their technology.  

Our interns brought innovation, enthusiasm, and teamwork which contributed to the success of this event.  

Thank you to all the teams that have participated and to our esteemed judges!