NexGen, Josh, on Embracing Growth and Community at AnaVation

Josh first joined AnaVation’s Internship Program in 2022 as a cybersecurity intern. As an intern with a DevSecOPs role, he created and collaborated with other intern teams to put together a meaningful CI/CD pipeline that, at a minimum: builds code, runs unit tests, isolates unit tests from integration tests, conducts code quality checks including test code coverage, and archiving the resulting artifacts. Transitioning to a full-time role as an Associate Software Engineer in February 2023, Josh took on the vital role of supporting IT hardware and software issues and setups within Corp IT. Since starting AnaVation, he has learned applied skills and tools such as Azure Cloud, Gitlab, Git, Ansible, Packer, and much more. 

His mentor Kevin, and fellow AnaVators have been pillars of support for Josh, offering valuable ideas. “They support the work I’ve been doing by giving ideas to add within Corp IT, which has greatly improved how we workaround supporting our AnaVators. New ideas are always welcomed!” 

Josh has attended many AnaVation events, especially during his internship program including picnics, top golf, and an escape room. This year, he has attended two picnicking events. He recalls the most significant memories were meeting new faces and how friendly everyone was.  

Josh is anchored by the community we foster at AnaVation. He emphasized valuing AnaVation’s culture for its events, management style, flexibility, company size, and benefits. “What has kept me at AnaVation is the community and how healthy it is. Everyone will greet you with kindness, help you get on your feet, and, most importantly, we can’t forget the snacks and drinks we have here!”