Mentorship and Guidance Leading to Emma Scaling New Heights as a System Engineer

Emma joined AnaVation in July 2021 as a Business Analyst. Emma worked closely with corporate leadership, providing support for corporate operations while participating in AnaVation’s Leadership Development Program. Her responsibilities included leading and supporting the modernization and scaling efforts of various internal-facing systems, as well as contributing to internal Quality & Process Innovation initiatives. Later in November of 2022, Emma transitioned into her current role as a System Engineer for the Department of Homeland Security. As a System Engineer, she is involved as an Epic Analysis Lead for the Solutions Management Team, where she supports the development of enterprise-level cyber solutions enabling her to receive six quarterly awards! During her journey, she has learned many technical skills to develop effective solutions as a Systems Engineer. One major skill she developed working in a scaled agile environment is how to manage a team working from non-ideal or ambiguous “starting points.”  

Emma has had the pleasure of attending various AnaVation events, with her favorite memories being the moments spent bonding with other AnaVators, especially the other ‘NextGens’ in her LDP Cohort. These events allowed Emma to connect with colleagues on a personal level and create lasting friendships. “Every AnaVator I have worked with has exhibited great enthusiasm and pride in our work, but never at the expense of kindness, inclusion, and prioritizing people. AnaVators care about each other; our background – who we are, where we are from, as well as where we want to go.”  

One of her favorite employee perks is the TicketsAtWork and CorporatePerks discounts, which bring back family memories and allow her to travel. The work-life balance, remote work flexibility, and camaraderie with fellow AnaVators have been instrumental in creating a supportive and motivating environment. Not to mention, the career support from Leadership and her mentors has been invaluable. Emma values the guidance Charles Quillin, AnaVation’s CEO and partner, has provided in helping her find a footing not just in a career in Cybersecurity but also to introduce and familiarize herself with the industry and Northern Virginia itself, a place completely new to Emma. His mentorship and belief in Emma, along with lighthearted conversations pushed her through initial challenges and learning curves.   

AnaVation has reinvigorated Emma’s desire for lifelong learning – emotionally and financially supporting her as she pursues her Masters of IT at Virginia Tech with graduate certificates in Big Data and Business Analytics.