Internship Program

Developing the next generation of software and cyber experts!

Since 2017, AnaVation has invested resources in our internship program: an initiative to invest in the next generation of professionals. Since then, AnaVation has welcomed interns into our eleven-week program every year. The paid summer internship is open to current undergraduate students interested in the field of technology, primarily in the computer science or cyber security field.  

The internship commences with a week long Hackathon. After that, the real work begins when the interns work together on teams to design and develop an innovative project. The internship concludes with a final project presentation at the end of the summer. AnaVation also cares about the individuals personal and professional development. Each intern is paired with a mentor, who meets with the intern regularly to talk about career development and give advice. In addition to the skills learned through working, the internship is a great way learn and get into the government contracting field.

Are you looking for your next summer internship? Be on the lookout for our Fall recruiting efforts, or send your resume to [email protected]

The summer ended up being fantastic and in my Business Analyst role I was able to meet and connect with almost all AnaVation leadership. I felt incredibly supported since the first day of my internship when I was assigned a mentor.

Abby Bernhardt

Data Scientist

After watching AnaVation adapt to all the challenges that came with 2020, I knew this company valued each employee and considered interns an investment for the future.

Angela Gentile

Cyber Security Engineer

I had a blast this summer as an Anavation Computer Science intern. Alongside a team of interns and with the guidance of Anavation employees, I built out a complex web application. I gained a vast array of practical technical skills and exposure to the trade-offs that come with software engineering.

Frederick Sell

Software Developer Intern

Life At AnaVation Is…

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There’s no exact formula, persona, or profile that makes an AnaVator. Our diverse backgrounds, talents, and passions – in and out of the office – create the core of AnaVation’s culture.