Every summer AnaVation supports a class of college interns to work on projects over an 11-week season. The internship begins with welcome events and a Hackathon where the interns can get to know each other. They have 5 days to respond to the Hackathon prompt, create their platform, and present it to the leadership team. Following the Hackathon, the class begins their official project work.

From ideation through development, our 4-5 person teams work using Scrum methodology and Agile philosophy to create products that can have AV workstream impact. They meet regularly with their Project Manager, mentors, and other teammates to create fully realized platforms and capabilities.

Of course, it’s not all work. We also host interns at a number of fun events. This summer interns went to Top Golf, escape rooms, and a National’s game! We’re accepting applications for the 2023 class of Summer Interns. Interested in applying? Email [email protected] with your resume.