Internship Hackathon 2022

AnaVation welcomed the Summer 2022 class of interns and put them to “work” immediately with the Annual Intern Hackathon! This year’s theme: “Hacking for Good.”

Each team was composed of 3-5 members tasked with creating the best intervention to solve their diagnosis of a global issue. Each team set to work with just under five days to complete their project.

Team Jarvis: aimed to address food insecurity with their solution “A2B.” Local food shelters can connect with restaurants to collect unused food at the end of the day with A2B’s AI filtration system. Distance, cuisine, and food life preferences are their starting characteristics, but they would expand once taking the platform public.

Team HAL: set to fix the world’s bad posture. AI software, trained to recognize when the user is using good posture while sitting at their, computer factored in shoulder balance, facial features, and distance from the screen to determine the best way for everyone to get through the day without slouching. An admirable pursuit; they had all of us watching the presentation sitting up straight.

Team VIKI: wanted to connect aid from around the world directly with Ukrainian refugees. Their platform allows individuals to directly contribute money to Ukrainians in need through secure websites and fraud prevention AI.

Team Skynet: sought to connect people through AI with their development of ASL detection platform. They saw a real gap in current ASL translation tools and used image labeling techniques to train their platform to recognize ASL and translate it to speech and speech to text. In a live demonstration for the group, the team showed how to order a pizza using the tech.

Judges were faced with a tough choice and ultimately decided to award two prizes. The first to team VIKI for best project addressing this year’s theme “Hacking for Good” and use of the widest variety of tech tools, and the second to team Skynet for best use of AI.

Thank you to all of the teams that participated and to our esteemed judges!