On April 2, 2019 AnaVation was invited by the House Committee on Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Innovation to participate in a Roundtable Briefing on DHS S&T’s use of the small business innovation research (SBIR) program to develop solutions to homeland security challenges associated with spoofed phone calls. AnaVator Dani Charles showcased how easy it is to spoof a government organization, and then demonstrated how the technology AnaVation has developed (under the S&T SBIR program and in partnership with Neustar) can help to reduce the frequency and ease of these impersonations. Mr. Charles noted the technology was first developed in less than 6 months, a testament to “AnaVation’s culture of innovation”. The Roundtable also focused on the national, homeland and cybersecurity implications of malicious caller-ID spoofing, and the role S&T is playing in promoting innovation to address these and other issues. It concluded with both the Subcommittee Chairman Richmond and Ranking Member Katko commending the work that S&T and companies like AnaVation are doing to solve this homeland security challenge.